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Innofood V88 Baking Master Digital Convection Oven - Steam Injection/Dough Proofing (78L)

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Product Details
Brand: Innofood

Latest Innofood V88 Baking Master (78L) Digital Convection Oven is here ! Latest convection oven technology featuring alternate rotating fan for even distributed heat throughout the stainless steel oven chamber. This means that the temperature tolerance is typically very low and heating is a lot more stable and consistent with the desired temperature. There will be no extreme hot spots within the oven chamber. Baking is made so much easier when the actual temperature is stable as you don't have to worry about baking multiple trays at once!

Main Features :

- 78L large capacity
- Fits up to 5 trays or wire rack
- Independent upper and bottom temperature
- 9 Preset functions which include top and bottom heating with/without fan, rear heating with/without fan, dough proofing
- Double layer glass door with silicone seal
- Steam injection
- Alternating fan rotation for maximum heat distribution. (rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise on fixed intervals)
- M shaped heating elements on both top and bottom with additional heating element at the rear of the oven.

Fan Group Page :

Specifications :
Product Model : KT-V88
Voltage : 220~240V
Net weight : 34kg
Temperature range : 60°C - 230°C
Power : 3000 W

Product Dimension : 63(L) x 64(W) x 47(H) cm
Inner Chamber Dimension : 52(L) x 42(W) x 33(H) cm
Packaging Dimension : 70(L) x 77(W) x 56(H) cm

Tray Size : 50cm x 34cm
Wire Rack Size : 50cm x 40cm

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