• Power : 1000W
  • Capacity : 6 Litres



  • All New ONE TOUCH EXHAUST BUTTON for maximum safety.
  • Featuring large control panel with easy push button operation.
  • Comes with 11 FUNCTION AND PRESETS with variety cooking style and techniques.
  • Cooking with pressure cooker preserve nutrients and the taste of food very well.
  • Save up to 85% COOKING TIME when compared with normal electric cooker.
  • Coated inner pot on BOTH SIDES surface to provide scratch resistance surfa


Equipped with extra 9 SAFETY FEATURES !!!

  • 1. Pressure Relief Safeguard – Pressure exceeding 110kPa will trigger relief steam to lower pressure.
  • 2. Anti- Jam Safeguard – Built-in valve specifically to prevent blockages.
  • 3. Current Surge Safety – Built-in protection to cut off current surge to prevent burn out.
  • 4. Safety Self Relief Protection - Inner pot will lower down upon built up pressure creating space between the sealing gasket and pt thus relieving pressure.5. Lock And Release Lid Safety - Pressure built up inside cooker will activate self-locking lid to prevent from opening.6. Micro Safeguard Switch - Lid must be secure properly for pressure to generate during operation.
  • 7. Pressure Relief Valve - Enable pressure to be adjusted at optimum 60kPa to 80kPa inside the pot.
  • 8. Safety Thermal Fuse - Exceeding built up temperature will cut ff the thermal fuse.
  • 9. Thermal Limit Safety - Cooking without food inside will trigger the limiter to terminate power.


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Innofood KT-PC06A HUGE CAPACITY Pressure Cooker 6.0L