- Model: KT-CL120B

- Power: 2800w

- Capacity: 120L

- Oven Dimension: 680 x 619 x 442 mm (L x W x H)

- Chamber Dimension: 522 x 529 x 390 mm

- Tray Size: 521 x 470 mm


  • 120 Liters Large Capacity gives you more flexibility in your baking
  • Independent Temperature Control System - Top and Bottom Temperature can be adjusted separately according to your needs
  • With Top and Bottom Sensor Probe
  • LCD Digital Display
  • Fermentation/Defrost/Preheat Functions
  • Fan-Assisted Feature - Hot air circulation with blower distributes the heat evenly
  • Interior Lighting


Why INNOFOOD® KT-CL120B Electric Oven?

Sensor Probe

The built in top and bottom sensor probes ensure more accurate temperature.


LCD Digital Display

Instead of reading the temperatures and time on knobs, Innofood KT-CL120B Electric comes with LCD Digital Display which gives a clearer view of the temperatures and time set by the user.


Fermentation Feature

A one-click button to set a perfect temperature for you to ferment your bread dough and pizza dough, or making natural yoghurt.


Independent Temperature Control System

Natural convection creates a perfect cooking zone in the centre of the oven.


120 Litres Capacity

Big Capacity gives you more flexibility in your baking


Innofood KT-CL120B 120L Digital Electric Oven


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Innofood KT-CL120B Electric Oven 120 Liters (Double Layer Glass Door)